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What kind of cap do you rock at a workout? Well, depending on what your answer may fall into one of these categories.

The Always Hungry Cap

Swimmer Cookie Cap

You've got food on your mind, all the time, and you show it. Nothing wrong with that though. If that's who you are, flaunt it, show people what's up.

The Pop Culture Cap


What's going on in the media? What's big on Netflix right now? Well, whatever it's probably on your head while you're working out.

The Low-Key Cap

You like to let your swimming do the talking. So you rock something subtle, something plain, maybe with a little style to it...but NOT TOO MUCH. You're more of the "put your head down and swim" type of person and you know what? That's okay.


You roll with a squad and what that means is...MATCHING CAP BABY LET'S GOOOOO. Either "Fly" "Back" "Breast" "Free" or just a four pack of your homie gets left behind.


Which one sounds like the swimmer you are? Comment which one and don't forget to check out our constantly growing selection of caps on SwimWithIssues.

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December 22, 2017

I was a swimmer all through out middle school and high school but I stopped due to the fact my college did not have a pool. The swim caps that I would usually wear were the plan and simple ones no design or my cap that had my last name on it because I fault proud of that cap because there is bearly anyone in the world who has my last name. I think I also liked to look at the really different style of caps but I stuck with the plan.

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