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Goggles. Cap. Tech suit. Behind the blocks. You're ready. It's quiet. All you can hear is the water splashing around from the swimmers in the race before you while you mentally prepare for your race. You know you're ready. 

Four whistles. You know you're about up. One last look into the stands, and there's your Swim Mom. Your Swim Dad...maybe both. Thumbs up. Mom's got her camera with the twenty-foot lens so she can get "the perfect shot". You realize they've always been there for you, and always will. Regardless how this race turns out--they're there for you, and they're proud of you. 

Your swim parents do so much for you. The long car rides to meets. The crowded hotel rooms. They bear the 100° stadiums at the swim meets while you swim in a 77° pool (though it feels like 40°). They remove the half eaten power bars, bananas, and oozing PowerBar gel from your swim bag. They dry the towels, hang up the suits. They drive you to practice at 4:30am...or get you out of bed so you can drive yourself. They spare no expense to ensure you've got the best tech suit, goggles and training gear.

They're there for you whether you had they best race of your life, or your worst. 

So, to all our Swim Moms and Swim Dads... Thank you.


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Kelley Zimcosky
Kelley Zimcosky

April 12, 2016

That is a lovely article. My husband and I have been swim parents for 16 years. We have been to novice meets, YMCA state championship meets, high school state meets, college meets and all the way up to the Arena Pro Series meets. Now, we are preparing to make the trip to the Oltmpic Trials. We would not trade a moment of this time spent with our swimmers. So thank you, Kelsey, John Paul, Emily, Sophie and Juliann, you are the best!

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