January 24, 2016

When swim is cancelled, we have to find some type of way to practice. Some swimmers did sit-ups,  some did push-ups , and others turned to the snow. 

Here they are...all the submissions for sNOw Days Off. Enjoy! 

Also, shoutout to @court_marie02. This video made it onto Sunday's Good Morning America.

Ahh, starts and turns day.

Butterfly? And coach isn't even watching? I'll give this one some bonus points.



Doggie to the rescue!

The struggle is real with this one.

Ahh, well.. you've got time to work on that reaction time. 

DQ for pulling on that lane rope. Yep, we see you, green cap.

We'll be adding more as we go! If you'd like to submit yours, submit the link to your video to share@swimwithissues.com.

Be sure to check out the @SwimWithIssues twitter feed for more videos! 

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