The Five Perils of Summer Swimming

June 16, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment


Before I say anything, I would like to thank my mom, the #1 Swim Mom, who gave me some ideas for this. THANKS MOM! While most people equate summer with a break from school and a fun time to relax and hang out with friends, for swimmers, summer is anything but relaxing. We have short course meets. Long course meets. Short course practice. Long course practice. Dryland. Weights. All of this makes for a summer of perils and lots of #swimmerproblems. Here are some.

  1. Tanlines
Yes, we are more tan than our non-swimming peers in the summer, but it comes at a price - tanlines. Females are known to have several white lines running down their backs because of course every suit has different kinds of straps. Guys have Speedo tanlines which are actually not bad and quite unnoticeable to the non-swimmer eye. Swimmers, flaunt your tanlines with pride. You earned those tiger stripes.
  1. Snack Bars
The summer league snack bar will destroy your budget (and your diet.) Even though the candy and donuts and soft pretzels taste so good, avoid them.
  1. Summer League Swimmers
I should have clarified that - this refers to those who just do summer league and think they know everything about swimming, even though they think a 100 fly is hard and complain about doing over 3000 yards in practice. They are one of the worst parts about summer.
  1. Thunder and Lightning
You would think this wouldn’t be a peril because we don’t swim in it. Wrong - you should realize by now that no type of weather will stop practice from continuing. Even if you hear thunder, your coach will just blame it on a truck on the highway or something. We risk our lives for this sport!
  1. Longcourse Pools
They are perilous to my lungs, legs, and arms. Swimming in the sun is great but swimming in a pool that doesn’t end in the sun, not so much. Where is the wall?!?!?! summerleague

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