7 Things Swimmers Do That Coaches Hate


The majority of swim coaches put hours of work into writing a workout, not only to appeal to swimmers, but to take them to the next level. The very last thing any coach wants to hear is complaining during the reveal of their masterpiece workout.

Pretend They Hear Thunder

Boom!!...goes the trash can around the corner. “Thunder!!” exclaimed every swimmer in the pool. At this very moment was when coach and his face began to turn dark red and steam began shooting out of his ears. What happened next...there are no witnesses.

Cheer When They Do Hear Thunder

The only thing worse than pretending to hear thunder in the eyes of a coach, is cheering when you actually do. Cheering when thunder is heard is the biggest slap in the face a coach can recieve. So just a word of advice. Next time you hear a rumble, bite your tongue.

Not Try

So coach gives you a wonderful set, designed just for you, and what do you do...you chill. You ain’t go no worries ‘mon, just float along ‘mon! Until coach yells at you and kicks you out of practice....now you got some worries ‘mon.

Ask to Play Games

You can play games, when coach says so. Even though more often than not these games are either 4x200’s all out or some other painful set he’s has thought up.

Not Get in On Time

You’ve made it to practice on time, early even, but now that you’ve been putting on your cap for 30 minutes coach is a little upset. Better de-fog those goggles and hop in, because coach is about to spartan kick you into the water!

Come To Practice Late

Okay, you’re over 30 minutes late? Just call it a day, call in sick, and try again tomorrow. You don’t want to see what coach has ready for you. You don’t.

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