Why Swimming Is Not a Sport


The Definition of a sport via Google is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." So with that being said let me shed a little light on why swimming is not a sport...

It’s Just Not Hard Enough

There's hardly any physical exertion involved in swimming. Besides the fact you are suspended in a substance simulating Zero Gravity and have to use every muscle in your body to propel yourself forward. It's just not that hard. 

It Doesn’t Take Any Talent

Anybody can make the Olympics. Seriously, ask any olympian and they’ll tell you they woke up one morning said “Hey, I’d like to make an olympic team in swimming.” and then next day they did it. That's how it works.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Anything

Elite swimmers have incredible social lives, stay out late, and have plenty of time to play video games. So, no you really don’t need to give anything up at all!

Not Enough People Do It

Since there’s only more than 400,000 registered swimmers in the U.S....it's really not big enough to considered a sport. I mean after all 2 people make the United States Olympic in each individual race team every four years so your chances are pretty good.


**In preparation for angry swimmers reading this article. Swimming is absolutely a sport and this was written with incredible amounts of sarcasm. Please don't throw your swim caps at me.

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January 24, 2017

It is too and it is the most popular Olympic sport ?

Austin Butler

February 08, 2017

I really like this because swimming isn’t a sport, it’s a death wish. For some reason though we always come back to it and love it though


February 09, 2017

People aren’t actually thinking this is serious right ?? make sure you read the disclaimer

A swimmer

February 25, 2017

Ok…… so when you said anybody could make it to the Olympics, ask the people who made it to the Olympic trials! There was 500 people who went there and only few came out! How bout this, you try and work your freakin but off and I bet you that even me, a 13 year old could whip your butt! And dude, when you said all you have to do is use all your muscle, how does that sound easy! I know it’s a short distance, but when you are swimming to the point your coach is having to drag you out of the pool, that is not easy, it’s excruciating! You may not have a ball, or injurys, or as much hype, but I’d say that swimming is a sport! I mean, people wouldn’t be doing it in the Olympics! And plus, it’s not like football will ever be in the Olympics! And just saying, if you think it is so easy, try coming to one of my practices, you will want an ice bath after the practice. Just think, 2 hours of sprinting your heart out, yeah and you think that’s easy! You just wait…..

A swimmer

March 23, 2017

So, none of you have ever heard of sarcasm before have you?


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