5 Weird Things in Your Swim Bag

One of the unique aspects that unites swimmers across the world is our weirdness. We are strange creatures. It takes a very weird person to enjoy doing what we do every day. What people don’t realize is that that weirdness is reflected in our swim bags. Every swimmer has a cap, goggles, extra suit, and towel in their bag, but you wouldn’t expect us to have these common weird items in there as well.

1) Heat Winner Ribbon ­ from 1995

Apparently I went a 14.85 25 Free 10 years ago…...go me? This is a momentum from much simpler days……the days when a 25 fly was hard, our coach was nice, and dryland was actually fun and games.

2) The Remains of an Unknown Snack

Since we’re always eating, we always have food in our bags. Sometimes the food doesn’t always make it to our mouths. That peanut butter crusty thing at the bottom of your swim bag…..that’s an example.

3) Random Cap

You’ve never seen this cap before. It appeared from nowhere ­ you’re convinced. Generally it has some weird logo like a banana with goggles or a pink barracuda. Well, mystery ghost cap, you just may be my new good luck charm.

4) Wet Heat Sheet

All crumpled up in the corner of your bag is the heat sheet you spent hours studying before your last meet. It’s all wet and the ink is everywhere, but you’re still too lazy to throw it out.

5) Something Toxic

We use our swim bags to store wet suits, random food, and, apparently, caps that have belonged to other people. A lot goes in and out of those things. At some point, your bag will catch some sort of disease and start smelling weird. At best, it’s just mold that you can kill with some Lysol. At worst…. well, let’s not go there. By Sara Schubert of @SwimmerProblems 

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