11 Things We've All Heard at Swim Practice

November 04, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

1) “Get in the water!!”

*Frantically puts on goggles*

2) “How many was that?”

Oh wow thats really a good question...

3) “When do we go?

Top? Bottom? The :37. Who knows?

4) “I’m so hungry”

Oh me too! Where should we eat after practice?

5) “Can I use the restroom? Never mind.”


6) “Can I go ahead of you?”

What...? No, I just lapped you!

7) “Why did you stop?! Keep going!!”

I got a cramp...okay okay sorry!

8) “Why are you late?”

Uh, Flat tire? Over Slept? Sorry, I’ll get in.

9) “Don’t make me get in there!!”

No coach, no it’s okay really no one wants to see that.

10) “What’d you go on that?”

1:04, yeah I’m really good

11) “I feel terrible today”

So do I, now stop your whining!

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January 30, 2017

yeah very good compilation of words, i used to say #2 and #4 most of the times :)

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